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In today’s global economy, businesses are realising that innovation drives economic growth and leads to generation of intangible assets.

These intangible assets are everywhere, they include intellectual property such as patents and trademarks and more broadly confidential information, industrial know-how, designs, software code, data and content. These intangible assets are primary drivers of company performance and Singapore’s future growth lies in our ability to create value from intangible assets.

Unlocking this value requires world-class commercially focused expertise. IP ValueLab, the enterprise engagement arm of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, aims to help businesses compete globally through providing solutions to capture value from their intangible assets.

IP ValueLab and EverEdge formed an alliance to provide strategic intellectual property and intangible asset advisory services in Singapore.

The Alliance will see IP ValueLab and EverEdge working with companies and organisations in Singapore to provide high impact advice, expertise and assistance relating to intangible assets.

The Alliance will work with both small and medium enterprises and multi-national corporations based in Singapore as well as Singaporean public entities, universities and research institutes. Services will include identification and assessment and audit of intangible assets, intangible asset strategy, commercialisation and monetisation strategy, intangible asset valuation and financing of intellectual property.

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About EverEdge

EverEdge is a global intangible asset specialist. EverEdge assists senior management teams, boards and investors to identify, evaluate, manage and monetise intangible assets. These assets (things like data, content, software, brands, confidential information and design) represent more than 80% of a company's value and are the primary drivers of company performance.

EverEdge works with clients to identify and manage downside risks and unlock and monetise upside opportunities arising from critical intangible assets.

EverEdge employs more of the World’s top intellectual property strategists than any other firm globally. With offices in Los Angeles, London, Sydney, Singapore and Auckland we provide international reach and deep technical and commercial experience around the globe. EverEdge’s track record of over 500 completed client engagements spans the full spectrum of business sizes, stages, and industries; from the Fortune 100 to ambitious startups.

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