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Uncover Intangible Assets

This is an intangible asset audit to help businesses

  • Have a clear understanding and overview of their existing intangible assets.
  • Identify risks and gaps in the current management and protection of their intangible assets.
  • Develop solutions to manage the potential risks.

  1. Step 1

    Identify existing intangible assets
    and potential risks.

    Step 2

    Risk analysis and review of
    company’s business model.
  3. Step 3

    Deliver results from
    intangible assets audit.

Scope of intangible asset audit

1. Identification of existing intangible assets

2. Categorisation of intangible assets

  • Core intangible asset.
  • Non-core intangible asset.

3. Identification of intangible assets risk

4. Analysis and evaluation

  • Analysis of the risk identified in view of the business model and the existing intangible assets.
  • A proposed roadmap.


Comprehensive audit of company’s intangible assets and associated risks including:

  • Identification of company’s intangible assets and analysis of their strength, scope and alignment.
  • Identification of internal and external risks with assessed rating of importance.
  • Specific recommendations to strengthen or re-align protection to improve long term competitive edge and mitigate risk.

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